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Electronic Health Record and

Practice Management Solution

If you are not yet using an EHR you must start thinking of adopting one soon. Probably you have already invested in adopting an EHR but only your front staff uses it to keep the office schedule and patient demographics because is difficult or slow to document you clinical notes and you are tired of the following situations:

  1. Lack of fast support

  2. Language barrier

  3. Not customizable for your practice

  4. Not receiving upgrades you have paid for

  5. Not user friendly

Choosing the right EHR should be carefully analyzed because it can make a big difference in the delivery and quality of your services, your revenues and your life.

Our clients expect the best services and they deserve it. That’s why they choose Aprima®. Together we make it happen!

Experience Aprima®

  • Faster and easier documentation

  • Customizable templates to include your clinical vocabulary and adapt to your clinical notes

  • Spanish communication tool to maintain communication between the provider or office staff and their patients or their family

  • Mobile prescriptions and refills

  • Accurate coding with ICD 10 seamless integration and RAF values

Health IT 

consulting and


In order for health organizations to survive the economy recovery they have to successfully integrate the use of CCHIT approved Electronic Health Records (EHR) in their practice. The meaningful use of this EHR is essential in order to comply with federal regulations and qualify for federal stimulus.

In a world of rising health costs, Tertiums finds affordable solutions and technology to meet healthcare needs in order to comply with with state and federal standards and regulations.

Tertiums is committed to providing HIT custom and personalized solutions and services to each of our clients in order to meet the upcoming challenges.

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