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Tertiums Healthcare Management and Consulting Firm is committed to assist providers in Puerto Rico and Florida to comply with new healthcare regulations and address changing policies. We are dedicated to provide clinical transformation solutions for the improvement of services and business performance. We customize our strategies and solutions to match the needs of our clients and provide them support as they work toward improving the quality of their services at a lower cost.

We have an excellent team of bilingual, dedicated and hardworking individuals committed to provide our clients with the ongoing support needed to help them achieve all of their goals.




To help physicians make a knowledgeable choice, tertiums invites you
to try its RCM-EHR-PM solution along with a bilingual Tech Support Team. Tertiums will bring a full solution to your office with the latest technology and knowledge in the healthcare industry.


  • See how we enable accurate coding and billing.

  • Explore mobile prescriptions and refills.

  • Document multiple chief complaints.

  • Track referrals.

  • Keep up with messages. ...We'll help you abandon paper!


Contact us and we will improve and increase your revenues.

Why choose 


Are you tired of spinning around in circles hopelessly? Let us give your company a 180 degree change. Compare and see how
effective tertiums really is for your businnes.

Sherry Woolard, tertiums CEO

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While most companies just talk, we take time to listen to your plans, understand the challenges you face and provide the personalized and individualized service that you deserve to
guide you to success.


We’ll provide all the tools and work side by side to help you achieve all your goals. With our RCM-EHR-PM solutions you'll work along side our Bilingual Tech Support Team so your office will be ready 
to face everyday challenges equipped with the latest technology and knowledge in the healthcare industry.


Because we understand your challenges and burdens we care. We will stand beside you through every process and we’ll not let fall until you’ve reach your goal.

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