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Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is the process of managing your office’s claims processing, payment and revenue generation. With the proper revenue cycle processes and workflows in place, your office can increase payments while decreasing rejections

With insurance creating new rules for quality reporting and submission requirements of supporting documentation billers and coders are required to keep updated with these constant changes to keep claim rejections low. That’s our job!

Providers are facing extreme challenges with the compliance of reporting codes for Medicare Advantage payers as their capitation payments are adjusted based on STARS ratings. WE WILL REACH THE STARS FOR YOU!

The responsibilities of the revenue cycle can become overwhelming and conflict with other office duties. That’s why you should consider us as your Revenue Cycle Management company. We will partner with you to get the most out of your office’s revenue cycle and reduce the burden on your staff. Our main goal is to ensure that providers are paid in a timely manner for their healthcare services and to reduce claim rejections.

We are your RCM solution. We are eager, willing and ready help medical practices increase their incomes. Contact us for questions on our RCM services and learn how we’ll improve and increase your revenues.

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